Reed roofs



Thatching with reed dates back to the distant past in Hungary. The technology was applied first of all in the Kisalföld (Small Plain) region, alongside lake Balaton, in Mezőföld region, alongside the Danube and in the Nagyalföld (the Great Plain). In these regions, before the spread of roof tiles, it was the dominating technology. Thatchers were applied for noblemen’s mansions, manor houses but the craftsmen also worked on military buildings. The technology was favoured for its cheap and durable material, and excellent insulation characteristics, i.e. in summer it kept the houses cool while in winter it preserved their heat. The craft have experienced a revival nowadays and the technology is ever more popular because people realised that reed is such a unique insulating and ventilating roofing material which cannot be substituted by any other materials. nadteto_keszites_01 nadteto_keszites_02

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