You need to know about reed and thatched reed roofs

A few things you need to know about reed and thatched reed roofs

  •  Natural materials including reed as a thatching material used in organic architecture have become ever more popular all around the world.
  •  Cosy, highly-aesthetic roof installations matching their environment can be covered by reed; it depends only design and imagination.
  • Despite some misconceptions, thatched reed roofs made by using the latest technologies are intended for long-term use, meaning that they can be sustained indefinitely by regular maintenance in every 8-10 year at a minimal cost.
  • In some countries it has been calculated that reed roofs save their prices within a few years by saving energy. Energy saving originates in the fact that, due to its excellent heat insulation characteristics, reed roof can preserve heat, while during the hot summer months it does not require air conditioning.
  •  It is highly resistant to storms, hail, and similar extreme weather conditions.
  • Certainly, there are some requirements to be met in order to create a well-functioning, durable reed roof. The quality of the reed chosen, the inclination of the wooden structure, the framework used for attaching the reed etc. are all highly important factors.
  • In case you have not decided yet what roof structure should be installed on your house, or you would like to change the old, ill-functioning roof structure or in case you have any relevant questions we are happy to help you.
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